Come and have some biathlon fun by foot ! You will be given the opportunity to relax while taking a challenge, to enjoy new thrills with team games and relays and to engage in a friendly competition.

With Altitude Biathlon you can do biathlon even at night! You can enjoy the activities in any weather conditions – in case of heavy snowfall or strong sunshine you can take cover and shoot from the shade of our gazebos. And, if you wish to have some tea or mulled wine, we can even see to that.
All our activities are organised by fully qualified and well trained biathlon professionals, and they take place in a friendly, fun environment. We offer a top quality 100 meter/328ft biathlon course and its additional 15 meter/49ft penalty loop.
You will do a warm-up, followed by biathlon rifle shooting in the prone position. This can be done with or without a rifle support. For an extra challenge, you can choose to shoot in a kneeling position.

We can adapt our programmes to suit your particular needs. Please contact us for details of our programmes and rates.

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Altitude Biathlon is suitable for anyone from 8 years of age, so why not bring your family or friends and have some fun together!
Enjoy working together, bonding and supporting one another in our activities.




develop some stress management strategies, as the activities combine effort and high levels of concentration.

We can adapt our programmes to suit your particular needs. Please contact us for details of our programmes and rates.


Discover the sport of biathlon—it’ll hook you right from the start! Take a cross country ski lesson with experienced instructors and then head out to the shooting range at the bottom of la Face de Bellevarde and, under professional supervision, you will feel the rush as you try to line up a target.

Ski fast, shoot clean : That’s what the competitive spirit of biathlon is all about. In a test of speed and skill, the dual winter sport combines the exhilaration of cross-country skiing with the marksmanship of target shooting. This winter experience the exhilarating sport for yourself and bring friends or colleague. Come out and see how you do. It’s worth a shot.

Training camp ?
Spice up your training! Are you a sports coach and do you want to vary your team’s training? Book a session of biathlon. This high-energy workout in high altitude will bring a welcome change to your training routine, providing great outcomes. The sessions are delivered by professional coaches and can be adapted to suit your team’s needs.

Please contact us for details

biathlon shooting challenge; enjoy new thrills with team games and relays and to engage in a friendly competition in Val d'Isère.


special event

Why not consider Altitude Biathlon for your special occasions, open days, promotion events, or special occasions? Altitude-Biathlon enhance your event by putting our shooting range and team of professionals at your disposal. Altitude-Biathlon combines perfectly with other activities, like snowshoeing, scooter riding, DVA search, dog sledging, pulka, or Nordic skiing. We offer a wide range of programmes and activities, and we can tailor-make them to suit your needs.

Contact us  to see what we can do for your company!


spice up your day

Are you the best man or bridesmaid and do you want to treat your friend to something new? Come and have some biathlon fun as a warm up before your night! You will have the opportunity to challenge each other, enjoy new thrills with team games and relays, engage in a friendly competition and get ready for a crazy night after. Skis not needed. And, if you want to enjoy some mulled wine while playing, we can even see to that.

STAG AN HEN NIGTHS activity in Val d'Isère

Top quality equipment

We will provide all the equipment you need for the activity except cross country skis (all our equipment is top quality):


  • Biathlon air rifles
  • Mini mechanical tilting targets
  • Mats and rifle supports
  • A short course 100m and ring penalty of 20 meters.
  • Please wear good boots or shoes (like trekking boots or après-ski shoes)
  • Special night (by reservation)
  • Arbors, mulled wine or hot tea on request


Good fun

in Val d'Isère and the whole Alps

As well as being a great alpine skiing resort, Val d’Isère also offers a wide range of extra-ski activities to those who want to try something new. Altitude-Biathlon gives you a chance to share a new experience and enjoy yourself.We can also take you to the Tarentaise Valley on request…

We are available day or night, summer and winter. Book on line or by phone. Easy. Contact us

Altitude Biathlon brings this Olympic discipline to the public. We host biathlon events in Val d’Isere and everywhere in the Alps. We offer biathlon to companies, sports teams and families as a team-building activity, a training opportunity, or a friendly fun challenge by night too!

Altitude Biathlon is based at the heart of Val d’Isere and our sessions are run at the foot of La Face de Bellevarde, a minute’s walk from your hotel. It involves either cross-country skiing or running/walking (depending of the client’s preference), and shooting air-rifles. The sessions include various games for cardio workout, gentle endurance, precision, and above all, fun. Altitude Biathlon is a team activity, encouraging light-hearted competition between teams and cooperation within them. All activities can be adapted to suit the clients’ needs and wishes.
Altitude Biathlon is run by well-trained and experienced biathletes, former members of the French national team.